Unicorn Gundam Update



So my last post on Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn informed you about the timeline in which the series will take place, and when the series will air. Now we have word that the series will be simulcast in several different countries on the same date as it’s initial release. It still has not been confirmed as to what type of series this will be (OVA, series, or movie). We know that the series will be released with subtitles in 7 different languages, with only english, german and french having been confirmed thus far. It has also not yet been told how or where the series will be simulcast. Sadly this update is filled with more what-ifs than actual confirmations, but we got a cool new pic of a character and the suit!


The band LeetStreet Boys have released there first album whish will be titled after the name of the band. The album will feature the song  “yuri the only one” (hugely popular at this point), which…contrary to it’s title, is not focused purely upon yuri, but all things anime. Truly this is a day for otaku’s to remember, not only can we say that we fund the anime industry, but now we have a legitamate form of revenue ourselves! The album is availabel for purchase on itunes, or on the bands official website. For once I’m going to actually encourage purchasing music, sinc ethis band is something we can relate to…chance of me actually buying it are slim though. Due to the fact that at best… I find this  band comical at best, as far as actual music quality…they’re….different.

Ok so it’s pretty safe to say that for the past thirty years or so Mobile Suit Gundam has sat at the top of the anime pedestal as far as popularity goes. With so many different series, told in so many ways the show has at least one season that can appeal to most everyone. With Gundam 00 having ended last season, and the 00movie announced for 2010 many people are seeing themselves as being “gundam-less” for the next year or so.

However, a new series for Gundam has been announced and it is to air this winter, which is still a ways off I know, but it’s better than nothing.  The series will be titled Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn and is written by Harutoshi Fukui. The series will be placed in the Universal Century era (original era for those of you unaware) and will take place about four years after Char’s Counter attack. Now, to me, calling a Gundam Unicorn seems a little…girly…but once you see this suit the name is both fitting and suddenly awsome…I personally can’t wait for this series!



Otaku’s For Anime

Ok, so I’m comepletly new to blogging as a general rule, or at least running a  blog myself. So I hope that eveyrone who visits the site will help me out and keep me up to date wether or not I’m doing well.

So! as the name of the blog denotes, this blog will be centered towards Otakus who focus on anime and in turn animu (anime music for those of you who don’t know). I myself have been what I definatly consider an otaku for the better part of four years now and I have loved being one. So I hope to share that with everyone I meet! 

I plan to update this blog as much as possible with news concerning anime, animu, news in general concerning  Japan ( if it happens in Japan, anime is involved somehow or another), and anything else I notice that I think might seem note-worthy. Well I hope I do a good job with this, I got the inspiration from Fumino at  http://hikikomoriden.wordpress.com/, she’s done a great job with her blog and I hope that mine can be at least something like her’s, so go pay her a visit!

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